The Scoop, Promising “Sweet Treats,” Opens in Monteagle

Emily Wallace (third from the right) joins a crowd of eager ice cream customers during the grand opening of The Scoop.

Emily Wallace (third from the left) joins a crowd of eager ice cream customers during the grand opening of The Scoop

Do you remember going into an ice cream parlor for a one or two-scoop cone. You can revisit that special experience at The Scoop, a new ice cream shop in Monteagle.

As Emily Wallace, owner and your host explains, “The Scoop was born on the idea of bringing new business and food options to the people on the mountain. Having lived here for more than 15 years it was clear that there were few options for traditional hand-dipped quality ice cream. And since we know that ice cream brings a smile to everyone’s face, we decided to bring a little sweet indulgence to Monteagle.”

Emily Wallace greets customers at The Scoop

Wallace explained that they originally looked at a food truck or trailer, however in late June during a conversation with Andy of Village Wines, we came upon the idea of opening a shop in the A frame. “In four short and very busy weeks we were able to acquire all the equipment, licenses and permits, and most importantly, get premium ice cream in the store.”

Customers line up as Emily points out different flavors.

“We hope you will find ‘The Scoop’ a fun and refreshing place to enjoy some sweet treats,” Emily said.

The Scoop offers a good selection of flavors. Emily said  she will “gladly take suggestions” and we plan to bring new flavors to y’all every month.”

The Scoop is located directly across the street from Piggly Wiggly, in the easily recognized A-frame style building, on the second floor.

The fact is, you can still get your licks and sips at a traditional hand-dipped ice cream shop!



The Scoop

Emily Wallace
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